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Can we help?

Welcome, to Educational Backup.

Educational Backup specialises in helping parents to ensure that their children gain the most from their education. One of the biggest problems for parents and teachers is to know in which areas their children have difficulty. Educational Backup Services provides a service which allows parents to know exactly where their children are having difficulty and to check-up on their activity regularly.

Often a child simply gives up when he or she is having difficulty with a specific area of study and are unable to work out the problem for themselves. At this stage they come to Mum and Dad and often, we as parents, are unable to help. Educational Backup provides a freephone Teacher Help Line with unlimited access for our students and their parents or carers, where they can ring through with any maths and English schoolwork or homework problems.

The reason we’re so popular with children is that they get help from us when they need it and that we don’t ask them to use their time studying topics they have already mastered; only the ones they haven’t. Your children’s success will come from the fact that we target precisely the area of help they need, using the exact QCA questions that are in their SATS and GCSE’s. We identify problems that they have and fix them. Our targeted tutoring is already helping over 40,000 children every day.

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to keep our children motivated. Educational Backup provides regular checkups and allows your child to apply for Diplomas. They are rewarded for their successes, which, in turn, helps to build confidence and keep them motivated.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your children’s individual circumstances and needs and see whether our service will meet your requirements. To learn more please click here

Our Diploma Examinations and Check-ups are based on questions from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), the non-departmental public body which maintains and develops the National Curriculum, and associated assessments, tests and examinations.
 The Teacher Line helps
solve homework problems. Phone any time between 4pm - 7pm, Monday to Friday and speak to a teacher about your problems with Mathematics or
 Checkup on how you are doing.
We monitor our students at the end of every school term to ensure that they are progressing as they should be.
 Diploma. Be recognised and
rewarded for success and hard work. This not only builds confidence, but also helps build motivation to keep achieving.